Monday, September 19, 2005

Bienville Resident Checks In

First, we went to high school together (jon's note: this is a miracle, I went to high school with about 6 other people) Thank you for the postings. It has been very helpful sharing my experience with others just through your blog. Thank you for all of the photos.
I did get to my house on Bienville on Saturday. We live by the Moral house. Our house was nasty. Jon, today my brother and I went with my mother and grandpa to their homes in St. Bernard. We really are lucky with just a few feet of water in our house. There house was like the contents and walls were thrown in a blender and thrown back in. The lower area by Six Flags stunk. As we drove toward the checkpoint, the mud was knee deep, boats tossed like bread, and cars moved to the road sides for safe passage. It really looked like a bomb went off. It was spooky. We were able to take out only a few personal items from both homes.
Rob lives in Mereaxu. He has oil in his house. He may not be able to recover anything. His wife is newly pregnant.

Keep your spirits up. You are doing us a great service.
Again, thanks for the postings.
Roblynn (Gass) Sliwinski -