Thursday, September 15, 2005

Good News on Bienville

I just heard from a friend who went to check on our house on Bienville and N.Murat and have a few positive things to report. He said there was no sign of doors being kicked in and rather asked us if we whould like him to do so to further investigate the house. He also said the flood water had receded to only a few inches in the street and he was able to walk all around the house, etc. There with a lot of debris and he felt as though he was one of the first to even go through the area and no signs of looting either. If it helps anyone gauge their damage, our house is raised (between 3-4 feet) and he said the water looked as though at the highest it was about 4-5 inces in the house and was probably during the surge, and left fairly quickly. It did leave behing buckled wood floors and things will need to replaced and repaired, etc. but salvageable. Oddly enough, in light of the situation, I am finding this to be somewhat good news. -Sarah & Lou Grossman