Thursday, September 15, 2005

Mark Janes checks in

Wanted to send a quick note to let you know that Liz and I did evacuate early (3am) Sunday morning before the storm hit on Monday. We have since been with my family in Decatur IL and have been trying to keep up on the storm aftermath via media.

We got out with our lives and health, and now it seems that our property may have been spared the flooding. I heard today that inhabitants of areas that did not flood may be allowed back in (at least to investigate) as early as Sunday or Monday. Like most people, we left thinking we’d be gone maybe a week…and didn’t take nearly what we needed for a lengthier residency outside New Orleans. So, we are preparing to leave IL on Sunday and head back toward the area.

The silver lining: While here in Decatur, I welcomed another granddaughter into this world. Both baby EllaDonna and mom are fine. We have Liz’s family to check in on before we bunk temporarily with friends in Mandeville while assessing our home situation…unless we are miraculously able to return to live in our own home just off Magazine/Sophie Wright (St Mary at Camp) by then. I hear Nagin may have some specific news and a plan for re-entry tomorrow.

We all miss New Orleans. OUR New Orleans. We look forward to being home again.

God bless you and all Cork and Bottle friends….