Sunday, September 18, 2005

More Great Mid-City Pictures

I pulled this post off of Nola.Com's forum on Mid-City (which, by the way, is getting shamed by the Bywater/Marigny. They have 3K posts and we only have about 300). Anyway someone posted a great site for pictures of the aftermath of Mid-City flooding. The pictures are focused on the Carrollton area.


Also, the post that went along with it, albeit somewhat free form, was dead on. Again, credit for this goes to Nola.Com:

one word about going in....go in, look, leave, come back the next day...the shock of seeing this city like it is left me shell shocked, and all i saw when i closed my eyes was the LINE....the level of hell this city got, it started from only 6 inches downtown, to the full 6+ feet in took me some time, and then some phonecalls to get an idea of how much water my home should have....i will be going back soon, i have to save my home before the mold takes everything that survived the wind, flood, and whatever else...i will not let time hurt more, are you &^$&%# hearing me mr(s). big bad gov, some homes might have a chance...let us stop the decay of 100+ year old homes for #^$& sake....let ppl come back everywhere thats dry to clean .....some of us will be doing it anyway FEMA says dont go in or lose their help, insurance says get in, stop damage...whos right???