Monday, September 19, 2005

Really Good N.O. Water Info

(From Naomi Duffey) John, I tried to email Elizabeth Milhouse, but every one has come back. If you hear from her, please tell her I'll try to call her. I remember her 5 years old, in costume at Halloween, with her mom dressed as a sexy black cat.
Also, I told another neighbor, James Hicks, to get in touch with you, who has shots of our street, Hagan. I don't have the computer power to forward them. We're in Minnesota tonight, in a motel. Last night we camped out on Elk Hill in South Dakota. Did you know elks never shut up at night, and sound like cows pretending to be coyotes pretending to be ghosts? We've heard our zip opens first week of October.

Here's some advice for people going in before water is really available. I sent it to my neighbors list, but thought you might want it for the site. Our friend Neal here suggested that the water in the hot water tank will be good. To access that water, close the inlet valve before running ANY water in the house. That will give you 30-40 gallons of good water from the drain plug. Don't run water IN the house because you'll bring in contaminated water, requiring complete flushing of the system later, a big pain. There's a drain valve on the bottom of water tank, and a 2nd valve - an air valve - at the top. First, TURN OFF THE GAS/ELECTRICITY TO THE TANK. Then, open the top valve to allow air in the tank, which will allow water to come out of the bottom valve. Don't turn back on until all is clear.

The other suggestion Neal has, who is a licensed electrician, is to turn off the main breaker on the panel box to your house. You don't know what problems may have developed.