Monday, September 19, 2005

Tips from Brandy Sheely

I went back into Mid-City on Friday with a pass and a police escort. I saw two men walking down the street who were promptly arrested by the NOPD. If you don't look "official," be prepared for jail.

Compared to Uptown and the CBD, it was deserted, dirty, and depressing. My house (4420 Iberville) was dry in the front and wet in the back. Probably no more than 1-3 inches came in at the back of the double, but it was a raised house. Unfortunately, I could not find a mask, so I have no idea what awful things I have in my lungs now. My advice is not to go back until you have a couple and about 20 pair of gloves.

That brings me to my question -- are there any recommended vaccinations I should get? I got tetnus the night I got back. I've heard Hep-A is good, too. Any others???