Thursday, September 15, 2005

Trapped Cats

I need someone’s help asap. 9 cats left in my house close to Mandina’s. After storm, my brother emailed, then I called the Humane Society a few days later to report & advise how to get into house. I have not heard from either organization as of today. I am getting more upset as time goes on. There is dry & wet cat food in the house, and 6 gallons of water. I can tell or email someone how to get in. I just need to get them some help until I can get down there & get them out. They’re feral – rescued from Gulf Marine down in warehouse district some years ago, so they are afraid of people. I am at my father’s office in Jackson, MS right now, sending this from my brother’s computer. If someone can help me, please call 601-362-8271 (here at office) & ask for Rikki or Mike, or reply to this email & my brother will let me know. God bless!