Tuesday, September 20, 2005


Good information about the mold.


Photos from Danny Brennan

Although (selfishly) I only have pictures of my house on Orleans Ave., others MidCitizens (Ian, you need a royalty on this one) may be starving for photos...



From Neil Guidry

please check out the website, it's a local relief effort put together by some of Sonja's friends. A good place to danate if your not sure where to. www.lhainfo.org please pass it on. thanks

North Hagan Information

We recovered one friends papers (international student) and many
belongings from 2000 block of Broadway. The ceiling had rained down
into his appartment, but most things came clean with a bit of

We also saved my girlfriend's cat from her appartment behind John
Dibert. It was amazingly fine.

Surveyed the house in the 900 blk of hagan. It looked like the places
on the north side missed water by ~1 ft. while it was closer on the
south side. My house only had water enter the lowest back room by
about 1 ft. *across* (not up) the floor. So the water came within ~2
inches of seriously flooding our house.

Something do to in Chicago this Thursday

To anyone who is exiled in Chicago, a good friend of Cork & Bottle Marc Pagani is up there with you. Marc must have some amazing friends in Chicago, people who want to lend a hand. If you need a good diversion and want to hang out with some fellow New Orleanians, check out this site