Sunday, September 25, 2005

Mid-City Re Entry

Please help someone. I've been told today that I must vacate where I am staying, and I've got nowhere to go. Is there any day set yet for when residents can return to Mid City - 70119? Can I get back in through some sort of "back-door" system? Thanks for any help.

Madonna Franco

(Jon adds: If you are in Louisiana staying at a hotel then they can't kick you out. Blanco's orders.)

Missing Person

It’s now been almost a month and I still have not heard anything about my Aunt Jean that lives not more than about two blocks from Cork and Bottle. Could someone PLEASE check to see if she is still in her house at 3911 Toulouse St. I have registered her on each and every data base that I can and still no concrete information. Could you please check on her and e-mail me back? I would be on my way driving down there but I’ve been told and from what I’ve seen on the news would not be let in by the authorities. Jean is 76 and lives alone with her dog Karma. Her relatives in Tennessee are very concerned and worried about her.

E-mail –

Phone – 865-966-6546

Work – 865-218-2610