Tuesday, September 27, 2005

A post that makes this whole thing worth while.

This email I received tonight from Georgi Shearin who was desparatley trying to find out if his elderly Aunt in Mid City had gotten out of the city and if she was even alive. I posted his information on the blog. His email perhaps puts this whole thing into perspective and although it was brief it did make me realize how many of us and how deeply this thing has affected us.

"My Aunt Jean has been found, still living in her house with her dog. She is doing ok and has provisions, the National Guard and Army have been stopping by and leaving provisions for her.

But my special thanks and gratitude go out to first you Jon, for having the blog, and second to the fine folks that have responded - Cheryl Wagner for giving me hope and to Penny Young for making that hope come true. Penny actually went to my Aunt's house and called us from her cell phone - hearing Jean's voice brought all those hopes to realization. Words cannot express the thanks that Jean's relatives in Tennessee feel. Looking forward to meeting all of you when the city is re-opened.