Thursday, September 15, 2005


Justin Sterett writes: I live in the American Can. I am in the military and was able to get all around the city today. I stopped by to pick up some of my stuff and checked out the condition of the building. The water has completely receded from around the building. You can see the waterline where the water once stood on the roofs of cars parked in the front lot. The entire front lot and lobby are covered in this sewage sludge like mess. PJ's coffee shop was broken into, as well as the Sunray Grill. Cork and Bottle was untouched, everything was intact and I tried to really see inside. I think there might have been minimal flooding about 6in high. I was able to judge this by a water line I saw on a cardboard box on the floor. The parking garage looked ok, I couldn’t see any visible water line and the cars looked fine. The swimming pool was tar black with water that god knows what is in. Water is receding at a fast rate. Most of the mid city flooding is concentrated around City Park and Carrollton by the freeway. They are picking up stuff and cleaning up at a really good pace. It gave me a lot of hope to see how fast they are moving all over the city with clean up. There were no signs of looting inside the building (the apartments).