Thursday, September 15, 2005


I went to the shop today and worked all day. I am thoroughly exhausted and this will be it for the evening. The American Can Company didn't do so well in this whole thing. I only saw one window blown out, but the parking area was an utter disaster and there was about 6 inches of water on the first floor and about 3 inches inside Cork & Bottle. I might as well have gotten 3 feet. The store was fine out in the main area, but in the dark, air-less back room mold was starting to attack everything. Its a freaking mess. In the residental corridors the wooden floors have buckled and I heard word that every AC compressor has blown off the roof. The Can is a real mess right now. But then so again is the neighborhood around it.

On a positive note, the temperature in the store was actually less than it was outside and the wine has held up suprisingly well. The rest of the stuff will be just fine...and will be on a HUGE sale WHEN we reopen when we can. (Come and get it Carl, come and get it.)

It just sucks, though, these days when I spend the whole day in the city. It really beats you down. Most of the city south of Lakeview and West of the 9th ward is dry enough to drive. I drove down Tulane Ave today and looked at water marks taller than my head. I saw the same thing in parts of Mid-City and along Broad. How in the hell are we going to clean all this stuff up. Where in the hell is everyone going to live while we do it? I think Sugar Ray and AB (that's the Jeff parish prez, not our grinning QB) are insane by telling people to come on back. I think the only reason they are doing so is to keep everyone from staying where they are at. I know its going to be 2-3 months before Mid-City is close to liveable again and yet they are telling people to come back Uptown and to the CBD, but don't drink or bathe in the water. Oh yeah, and don't go out after 8pm. That, and bring gas and groceries because there's none to buy. WHAT THE HELL IS THE HURRY?